International Conference Proceedings

  1. Hark-Chin Hwang, Kangbok Lee, Soo Y. Chang, “Parallel Machines Scheduling with General Machine Shutdowns” Proceedings of the Fourth Asian-Pacific Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, APIEMS’2002, Dec. 18-20, Taipei, Taiwan.

  2. Dirk Briskorn, Byung-Cheon Choi, Kangbok Lee, Joseph Y.-T. Leung, Michael L. Pinedo, “Single Machine Scheduling with regard to Inventory Constraints” Proceedings of Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems, MAPSP 2009, June 29 - July 03, Abbey Rolduc, The Netherlands. schedule proceedings

  3. Byung-Cheon Choi, Kangbok Lee, Joseph Y.-T. Leung, Michael L. Pinedo, Dirk Briskorn, “The Container Scheduling Problem” Proceedings of MSOM (Manufacturing and Service Operations Management) Annual Conference 2009, June 29-30, MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA. schedule 

  4. Sunil Chopra, Kangbok Lee, Minseok Ryu and Sangho Shim, "Separation Algorithm for Tree Partitioning Inequalities" Proceedings of INOC 2015 - 7th International Network Optimization Conference. May 18-20, 2015, Warsaw, Poland. (also appears at Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 52:109-116, 2016. paper)

  5. Kangbok Lee, Juntaek Hong, " A parallel machine scheduling problem with equal processing time jobs, release dates and eligibility constraints" Proceedings of PMS 2018 - 16th Int'l Conference on Project Management and Scheduling, April 17-20, 2018, Rome, Italy. schedule


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